Rosa Parks by Connie Colwell Miller and Dan Kalal (Graphic Novel)


Rosa Parks (Graphic Novel) by Connie Colwell Miller and Dan Kalal

Miller,A. (1976). Rosa parks and the Montgomery bus boycott. Minnesota. Capstone Press

Brief Summary:  Rosa Parks in an important figure in the American Civil Rights movement. In a time when segregation laws ruled that African Americans had to give up their seats on the bus to white passengers, Rosa Parks refused.  She was physically tired the day she refused and also mentally tired of giving into a law she did not believe to be fair, right, or just.  Her action sent her to jail and also sparked a civil rights protest across Alabama. All black passengers refused to ride in what is known as the Montgomery Bus Boycott.  One year later in 1956 the US Supreme Court ruled that segregation was illegal.

Age Range: 7 & up

Related Works: The Butler by Wil Haygood is for an older audience; however, a story about the civil rights movement in America is.

Specific Appeal: The graphic illustrations in this book are great.  The book is quick to read and the illustrations make it easy to understand and engage with.  Younger readers can learn a lot from this format of book and not realize they are learning!  I would like to read all of the Graphic Library Collection and share it with the youth I know.

Limitations or Weaknesses:  I did not find a weakness with this book.

Overall Assessment: 5/5


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